4 Design Trends In Hollywood

Hollywood Hills’ mansions have always beencovered by many interior and outdoor design blogs and magazines, due to theirexcessive, loud designs and ideas. With ice sculptures and jacuzzi swimmingpools, the overall interior design market drastically grew in the last coupleof years, probably due to the Instagram factor. With this in mind, let’sanalyse 4 items that every single multi-million dollars mansion has inHollywood.

Swimming Pools, Redefined

Having a swimming pool is something quite common in Hollywood and in general,within the Hills’ area. Given the fact that it’s used throughout the majorityof the year, the mansion’s swimming pool is the main “flexing” (asthey say) reason, especially when it comes to parties (the same ones that aregenerally covered on gossip blogs and tabloids the day after). With glasssculptures and hot water available 24/7, the mansion’s swimming pool is themost cliche.

Furniture: Extravagant, Loud And Flashy

When it comes to interior designs within the Hollywood Hills, furniture is notthe classic conservatory furniture that you buy at yourlocal store. In fact, both general furniture and cane furniturehave been covered as the biggest focuses in most Hollywood mansions, with manyprestigious interior designers hired in order to create personalized pieces forthese personalities.

Private Cinemas

As shown by the iconic program “MTV Cribs” back in the days, private cinemashave always been a big trend in many Hollywood mansions, with examples rangingfrom 50 Cents to Michael Jordan, passing through Justing Bieber and Zedd, recently. Private cinemas are a trendything within the actors’ circle, especially for big events such as the Oscars.

Big Garages Made For Big Cars

Hollywood stars are renowned for driving big, expensive supercars. Theirgarages are, in fact, tailored around these big monsters. Many, in fact, have aprivate person who deals with the maintenance of such cars and deals with theirgarage.
Given the fact that TESLA cars have become quite trendy in theHollywood area, many have also installed an electric column in which they cancharge their electric/hybrid monsters.