4 Tips for Decorating a Home Office

Whether you’re working from home or use your home office to catch up on bills, you end up spending a lot of time in this room, so decorating is an essential. You want the type of environment you enjoy to sit in and work for a prolonged amount of time so making sure you like means you’ll do your best work in your home office. Most people struggle to decorate once they’ve bought a desk and chair, so what’s next? Here’s a look at 5 tips for decorating your home office.


One of the essentials you may not consider is buying some low maintenance green plants. By adding plants to the room, you create a fresh healthy environment to work in, plants have also been proven to increase work rate and reduce stress. Plants also help remove toxins from the air and this means your less likely to become ill, simply add 2 or 3 potted plants around the room that don’t need too much maintenance to keep the room colourful and fresh.


Offices can put people off a bit of a downer and part of this problem comes from the lack of colour. Doing can be done in several ways too, your plants are a good start but painting or adding some wall art to the room can brighten up a room than might seem a little sad (given the fact that you have to sit in it and work!).

Help Improve Your Productivity

It might seem like an excuse to buy nice things, but buying designer furniture that will improve your comfort and appreciation of the office helps you work well in there. if it’s a large room having a luxury corner sofa or armchair can also give the room extra character. Optimising the space, you have is key though, adding suitable storage to keep the office clean and organise means you won’t dread entering the room and seeing piles of paperwork and not being able to find anything.

Buy to Last

Some you should always invest in is a desk, a rich wood in a colour and style you know you’ll love for years. It doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive either, visiting second-hand stores, charity shops and shopping the sale can help you find a premium desk for an affordable price. something that offers you enough space for a monitor, papers and space for your lunch for those stressful days you can’t get away from the office.