Overcoming AC that is not cold, this is the cause!

When the weather happens to be hot with very high temperatures. To maintain the temperature in the room so that it always feels cool, you need AC (air conditioner). However, what happens if you have a damaged AC and cannot cool the room to the maximum? You can call the home heating and cooling Kenosha Wi to repair and fix it.

The following causes the air conditioner is not cold:

  1. Improper AC remote control

Cause the AC is not cold can be caused by improper AC remote settings. If you set the wrong mode, this can cause the air that comes out of the air conditioner not to cool. To overcome this, you must set the remote AC mode to auto or cool mode. That way, the cool air will be faster than before. And you can also set the AC fan to the maximum level so that the wind …

Various Kinds of House Walls. Which One do You Choose?

Various kinds of house walls turned out to be more than just wood and boards. It turns out there are walls that come from metal too you know. If you need a complete siding service, just contact siding contractors Oshkosh Wi.

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Types of Wall Brick House

Brick walls are very commonly chosen by the public. Because bricks can make a durable home and maintenance is not difficult. In fact, almost no special treatment is needed. Bricks will be shaped by stacking patterns.

Type of Wall Brick House

Bricks don’t feel heavy like bricks. However, many people who do not like brick walls because it can make the residential tend to be stuffy and hot.

Types of wooden walls

Not a lot of wood wall materials use because the price is relatively expensive. But you can just make buildings from different …