Advancements in Healthcare

Technology has really improved the quality of healthcare, with regard to both delivery and advancements in treatments. While emergency room or clinic visits can still have lengthy waits, the use of computers and tablets have made it easier for nurses and assistants to triage patients more efficiently. Technology has made data tracking and synthesis easier, allowing for the quicker release of test results, shared communication between physicians and even electronic prescription orders.

Efficient Service

The ease of transporting medical equipment has increased the efficiency of in-room assessments.  Through the use of wireless internet and some noise reducing casters, workstations, vital motoring stands and some testing can be done from the comfort and privacy of a patient’s room. Simply the push of a button can deliver the service, response and diagnosis of a certain condition or patients’ vitals.

Ease of Communication

Technology has also improved the safety and storage of …

4 Design Trends In Hollywood

Hollywood Hills’ mansions have always beencovered by many interior and outdoor design blogs and magazines, due to theirexcessive, loud designs and ideas. With ice sculptures and jacuzzi swimmingpools, the overall interior design market drastically grew in the last coupleof years, probably due to the Instagram factor. With this in mind, let’sanalyse 4 items that every single multi-million dollars mansion has inHollywood.

Swimming Pools, Redefined

Having a swimming pool is something quite common in Hollywood and in general,within the Hills’ area. Given the fact that it’s used throughout the majorityof the year, the mansion’s swimming pool is the main “flexing” (asthey say) reason, especially when it comes to parties (the same ones that aregenerally covered on gossip blogs and tabloids the day after). With glasssculptures and hot water available 24/7, the mansion’s swimming pool is themost cliche.

Furniture: Extravagant, Loud And Flashy

When it comes to interior designs within the Hollywood …