4 Easy Steps To DIY Clean Your Persian Rugs

Buying an Oriental or Persian Rug means you are ready for it to be an asset to your home. And, as an asset, you will need to make sure that it is properly cared for at all times. Keeping your rug looking in top condition is easy and will require minimal effort. You need to understand that with the proper care, your expensive Persian rug will last you a very long time.

Before we get started it is important to note that cleaning of your oriental or Persian rug should take place at least every year. If you feel unsure about cleaning your rug at any time you should make sure that you have a trusted and professional cleaning service on call. If you opt for taking the DIY cleaning route, you need to first note that these particular rugs require a far more gentle approach to cleaning than your average carpet.

Here are our top tips for making sure you properly care for your investment:

Step 1

Vacuuming Your Persian Rug

To kick start your cleaning process you first need to vacuum both the top and the bottom of your rug. Ideally, you would be doing this outside on a previously cleaned surface such as a cement slab. Another great option is to vacuum your rug in the garage. Be extra careful to not get any of the rug fridge pieces caught in the vacuum sweeper. When the fridge gets tangled you will damage your rug and it would end up costing you a small fortune to replace.

Step 2

Cleaning Your Persian Rug

Your next step will be to mix a soap and water solution. For this, you can either make use of a delicate rug or carpet shampoo or use mild dishwashing soap. When you apply the soapy mixture to the rug you should use a firm but a non-abrasive sponge. During your application process be sure to keep your cleaning strokes in the same direction. This will prevent you from causing damage to the rug materials by roughing them up. For the fringe areas, you need to make use of the same solution as well as a gentle cleaning method. Instead of using a sponge on the fringe edges try making use of a soft bristled laundry bush.

Step 3

Rinsing You Rug

During the rinsing process, you need to make sure that you thoroughly rinse your Persian Rug with water. It is alright the squeeze out any excess water using a squeegee similar to those used on windows. Be sure to keep your strokes gentle and moving in the same direction. Moving in back and forth movements will cause you to damage your rug.

Step 3

Drying Your Rug

When you dry the rug you need to lay it flat. When the rug feels dry to the touch on one side you will need to flip it over and let the other side dry too. This will ensure that both sides of your rug are sufficiently dried before you move it back into your home.