Install an Outdoor Kitchen This Spring

Spring weather is just around the corner and that means outdoor activities for the family. While you’re planning for warm weather, think about a new outdoor kitchen for your patio that will provide food and fun for family outings, parties, and special events.

An outdoor kitchen is a great feature for your home. It gives you extra living space for meals and entertaining and adds special ambiance to your back yard. It provides a reason to get outdoors more throughout the year, even in chilly fall and winter weather. An outdoor kitchen is a popular home feature that many of today’s homeowners use every day. Equipped with so many convenient features and accessories, today’s outdoor kitchens rival some of the most beautiful gourmet indoor kitchens that are designed for people who love to cook.

Planning the Location

The location of your outdoor kitchen is very important. It will impact convenience for serving food and eating meals, as well as your budget. If an outdoor kitchen is located close to the house, you can save money on wiring and plumbing needs. Kitchens that are placed further away from the house must be self-sufficient. They will require electrical wiring and outlets, water lines, and gas lines. You will need a professional licensed contractor for wiring and gas lines and a plumber from plumbing services hinsdale il for water lines. All lines must connect to the main home. Locating your kitchen further from the house will increase your outdoor kitchen costs because of added utility costs.

Kitchen Equipment

There’s a variety of great kitchen equipment to choose from when planning your kitchen. Equipment is priced at different levels, so it’s easy to find features that fit your needs and budget. The most important and most expensive kitchen component is the grill. You can choose from top quality, grills that cook with electricity, gas, charcoal, and wood. There are even hybrid grills that convert from one heat source to another. Optional cooking equipment includes side burners, cook tops, smokers and rotisseries, deep fryers, wood-fired pizza ovens, griddles, and more. You’ll also find a variety of stylish wine and beverage coolers and tap beer kegerators for entertaining. If you want to install an under-counter refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, sink, and ice maker, professional plumbing services hinsdale il can help you with necessary drain lines and installation.