Overcoming AC that is not cold, this is the cause!

When the weather happens to be hot with very high temperatures. To maintain the temperature in the room so that it always feels cool, you need AC (air conditioner). However, what happens if you have a damaged AC and cannot cool the room to the maximum? You can call the home heating and cooling Kenosha Wi to repair and fix it.

The following causes the air conditioner is not cold:

  1. Improper AC remote control

Cause the AC is not cold can be caused by improper AC remote settings. If you set the wrong mode, this can cause the air that comes out of the air conditioner not to cool. To overcome this, you must set the remote AC mode to auto or cool mode. That way, the cool air will be faster than before. And you can also set the AC fan to the maximum level so that the wind is blown harder.

  • The capacity of the AC does not fit into the room

The cooling capacity of the air conditioner has certainly had a difference for each room. If you do not balance the cooling capacity to the room, it could be because of this that the AC does not cool, even though AC has been washed or treated. For example, if you have a 3×3 m2 room, it is recommended to use AC with a power of half PK. Whereas if the room size is around 6×6 m2, it is recommended to use AC with 2 PK power.

  • Less Freon AC pressure

Freon is useful as a cooling agent such as air conditioners and refrigerators. Therefore, freon is useful as a cooling material such as air conditioners and refrigerators. Therefore, the lack of freon or run out can be one of the causes of the air conditioner is not cold. Actually, Freon only needs to be filled about 4-5 years once. However, if your air conditioner has to be charged frequently, there may be other causes such as the freon pipe being bent/broken, causing the freon to leak.

  • Compressor Damaged

Damaged compressors can cause the air conditioner not to cool. As the main component, the compressor has the function to regulate the circulation of the freon from the outdoor to indoor AC units and back to outdoor. Old compressors can get rust-causing leakage on the compressor itself. In addition, compressors that are too high can also cause heat and damage. this results in the compressor stopping more often to cool the temperature.

In order to function again, the compressor must be replaced with a new one according to its capacity. If it turns out that your AC is more than 10 years old, you can immediately replace the outdoor AC unit to be more efficient.

  • Clean and service AC regularly

In order for the AC to function properly, you must regularly clean the AC components such as indoor evaporators and outdoor condensers.

The evaporator is a cooling machine component that is useful for absorbing heat in the room to go outside the room with the cooling media as an intermediary. If the evaporator is dirty, it causes the absorption of heat is not optimal because the circulation is blocked by dirt. To be clean, you can clean the indoor filter yourself at least once a week once by opening the top indoor lid, then take the air filter and wash it using detergent soap. If so, dry and then put it back. But if you are worried about cleaning up, you can also call a service person to help. Don’t forget to do AC maintenance service at least 3 or 2 months once, so that the AC is well maintained.

That’s the 5 reasons why your air conditioner can’t cool to the maximum. Don’t forget to clean and service the AC regularly so that it is maintained and the air conditioner can cool the room to the maximum.