Paving Options for Your Home Page

One function of the yard is to welcome people who come to the house. Therefore, a well-organized yard can be a reflection of the hospitality of its residents in welcoming guests. Installing paving blocks on the home page by hiring the Amber Tiles is one of the most common ways to get a beautiful and neat page.

Paving blocks are powerful and practical. If there is a damaged part, only the part that is replaced with a new one. The shape and size also vary. You can choose the most appropriate for the page design you want. But paving blocks are not the only option to line your yard. Some other materials can even present the uniqueness that is not obtained from paving blocks.

Well, here are some ideas to design a yard with alternative materials besides paving blocks.

Natural stone

Natural stone is used to cover the walls. However, these natural stone slabs are also widely used to line the paths in the yard to get a charming natural complexion. To add accent and orientation to the front door, you can plant the edges of this path with flowering plants.

Wood beam

To get a natural feel, materials other than stones that can be used as paving are wooden blocks. The texture and natural color of the wood are the main attraction of this material. In addition, compared to cast or paving blocks, installation is relatively easier, cheaper, and requires less power.

Tree trunk

Apart from being in the form of blocks, you can use wood in other ways to get a unique paving trail. This one method is fairly simple, namely by arranging cross-sections of tree trunks of various sizes. The result, a unique motif with a variety of circle sizes and shades of brown.


For a charming trail, you can make a mosaic with a variety of motifs from gravel. From simple floral designs to pictures of animals or other complicated motifs. Of course, it takes patience, imagination, and artistic sensitivity to get this kind of trail. But the results will not disappoint.

The illusion of river flow

Pebbles and small stones are not only effective for obtaining mosaics of flower and animal shapes. By arranging stone grains that extend in one particular direction, you can get optical illusions that resemble the flow of water in a swift river.

Ceramic fragments

This one idea uses “rubbish” ceramic fragments of various shapes, colors, and sizes. Installed alternately with ordinary tiles, these colorful fragments present a vibrant and unusual trail.

A combination of many materials

Rather than confused to choose one of them, why not at the same time use many types of material? That’s probably what is in the head of the originator of this one idea. The paving paths are made from a combination of bricks, mountain rocks, and grass. The result, a path that looks “natural” and what it is, but still displays patterns and order.